Costa Fitness: My Journey to Personal Training.

As a personal trainer, I know how important it is to build relationships with clients. The more trust there is, the more likely my clients are to reach their fitness goals! So you can get to know me, here’s my story of how I became a personal trainer. 
When I was 21, I was extremely lacking in confidence and self esteem. After looking for ways to build myself up, I discovered bodybuilding. My fitness starting point wasn’t about building muscle - it was about building up my inner self. 
Very quickly my confidence and self esteem increased massively. After a few months my mental wellbeing was the best it had ever been, and I felt fantastic about myself inside and out. 
I know first hand the positive effect that keeping fit, exercising and nutrition can have on your mental health (not just your physical appearance). And this is what I focus on when working with my clients. 
The more confident I felt, the more I wanted to push myself and achieve more goals. I started to compete in bodybuilding shows around England, and have competed in 13 goals overall. Coming top 3 in Miami Pro, top 3 in UKBFF and the finals of the amature Olympia against other pro body builders. 
For each of these competitions I trained myself, found my own resources, and created my own diets. I understand exactly what is needed to create an impressive transformation - and it was this that inspired me to help other people reach their fitness goals. 
After helping people close to me with their health and fitness I decided to complete my personal training qualification and build my own business. I then started coaching people alongside my full time job in the entertainment industry. 
The satisfaction I got from helping people achieve their goals and change their mindset for the better, is what made me decide to take the plunge and pursue personal training full time. 
Costa Fitness started out in a small garage. Now I have a large unit, with the best equipment. Not only that, but I am constantly looking for new ways and experiences to help my clients. I recently took 4 weeks to learn Muay Thai fighting techniques in Thailand. This was one of the hardest challenges I have ever faced, and I use these skills in each personal training session. 
Helping people and making them feel good about themselves inside and out is what I aim to do everyday, and I can’t wait to help you do the same. If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, then get in touch today! Achieve the best version of you, with Costa Fitness!